Calumex UPC White

White Ultra High Performance Cement
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Product Description

The Calumex® UPC White is the newest innovation developed by Caltra for ultra high performance and decorative applications such as polished concrete, Terrazzo, and prefab items. UPC White achieves very high early strengths, which makes early polishing or demoulding possible. The final strengths obtained are vast, up to 90 Mpa within one week.

Other characteristics of the UPC White are shrinkage compensation and a stable whiteness of 90% making it easy to pigment or combine with decorative aggregates. The UPC White can be used as a straight binder for a optimal performance but can also be combined with (white) Portland cement, resulting in a highly durable concrete or mortar.

Calumex® UPC White is especially developed for decorative concrete such as, terrazzo, decorative flooring, architectural precast, glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC), dry-mixed mortars.

Ask also for the Calumex® UPC Grey, which is suitable for: concrete runway/roadway repair, bridgedeck repair, tunneling, concrete repair mortars, manhole repair, non-shrink grouts etc.


Main features;

  • Fast setting
  • Rapid drying
  • Extremely high strength development
  • 30Mpa after 1 hour
  • Whiteness > 90
  • Compensated shrinkage
  • Additive or straight binder
  • Low alkalinity
  • Reduced efflorescence