Calumex UPC White

White Calcium Sulfoaluminate ultra performance cement
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Product Description

Calumex® UPC White is based on A.C.A. technology, which increased (early) strength development, reduces setting times, and compensates the shrinkage of traditional Portland cement.

Calumex® UPC White can be used as a straight binder or blended with (White) Portland cement resulting in a highly durable concrete or mortar.

Calumex® UPC White is especially developed for decorative concrete such as, terrazzo, decorative flooring, architectural precast, glass fibre reinforced concrete (GRC), dry-mixed mortars.
It make it also suitable for : concrete runway/roadway repair, bridgedeck repair, tunneling, concrete repair mortars, manhole repair, non-shrink grouts.


Main features;

  • Fast setting
  • Rapid drying
  • Extremely high strength development
  • CEM I strengths within 24 hrs
  • Whiteness > 90
  • Compensated shrinkage
  • Additive or straight binder
  • Low alkalinity
  • Reduced efflorescence