Caltra Nederland B.V. is an independent manufacturing and development company based in Holland, the heart of Europe.

Having worked closely together with customers and suppliers since 1985, Caltra is specialised in cementitious additives based on Calcium Sulphoaluminate – C.S.A., Amorphous Calcium Aluminate – A.C.A., and Calcium Aluminate C.A.

We are a client-oriented company with in-house product development and consider it our main priority to provide our customers with high-quality and tailor-made products, which are attained through close cooperation and feedback.

The products can be delivered in plastic or paper bags, big bags, and in bulk loads. Close to the Rotterdam Port and in the centre of Europe, Caltra products now find their way throughout Europe, North- and South America, Northern Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Caltra Quality Management System has been awarded with an ISO 9001:2008 certification by Lloyds register since 1996.

2020 Marks the 35th Anniversary!