Calumex SC-A

Amorphous Calcium Aluminate based super-accelerator
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Product Description

CALUMEX SC-A® is the latest development of CALTRA with regard to calcium aluminate technology. It is based on Amorphous Calcium Aluminate—produced by fusing high quality bauxite and lime to form blue coloured round shaped beads.This clinker is than cooled rapidly and ground to a high surface area. It is meant as an additive to Portlandcement to accelerate the set, Used mainly to make fast and extremely fast setting cementious mortars, concrete and shotcrete. Depending on the quality of the cement used, normally replacement of around 10% by weight of the binder gives sufficient results. Formulators should test the optimum amount by testing before hand.

Main features;

  • Fast—to extreme fast setting cement
  • Flexibility as it used as an additive
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking
  • Improved density
  • Can be used both out– and indoor