Calumex Quick (C.S.A)

Cement additive yielding accelerated setting times and high early strength
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Product Description

To facilitate the use of calcium-sulphate aluminate cement CALUMEX-QUICK (C.S.A) was designed as a ready to use pre-mix of the basic ground clincker C.S.A. and a sufficient amount of sulphate. It can be directly introduced in most cement based formulations to give;

  • an accelerate set
  • rapid drying
  • a very high early strength – even at low temperatures
  • no loss of strength in time
  • shrinkage compensation
  • increased sulphate resistance
  • higher freeze / thaw performance


  • rapid repair mortars
  • fast setting tile adhesives -grouts
  • self-leveling mortars
  • self-smoothing mortars
  • non-shrinking grouts
  • glass fibre reinforced concrete (G.R.C.)