Anhydrite Super

Anhydrous CaSO4

Product Description

ANHYDRITE SUPERĀ® is a stable finely ground synthetic anhydrous calcium sulphate (CaSO4). It is used in different kinds of building products and by the mining industry.

Main application is as a binder in sulphate based self levelling screeds. Benefits over cement based self levelling screeds are rapid drying and strength gain – minimal cracking and no risk of curling. Sulphate based self levelling screeds can only be used indoors.

An increasing application is found as a shrinkage reducing agent in calcium aluminate based products by the “building chemistry” industry like self-levelers, tile adhesives, tile grouts, repair mortars etc. Given the correct proportions of aluminate and sulphate ettringite is formed, calcium aluminium sulphate (CaO)6(Al2O3)(SO4)3.32H2O, reducing the shrinkage of Portlancement.

Other benefits are high early strength and long term mechanical strength and rapid drying and reduced effloresence


  • 25 kg. bags
  • big-bags