Calumex G.R.C.

Glassfibre Rei╠łnforced Calcium Sulfoaluminate cement
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Product Description

Is the basic ground clincker calcium sulpho aluminate – a mix of pure bauxite,limestone and calcium sulphate.Burned in a rotary kiln it in itself gives after grinding a slow reacting cement.It will however react rapidly in the presence of lime and calcium-sulphate to form ettringite.Thus giving expansion or shrinkage compensation to the cement matrix depending on the amount added. It is used as an additive to give;


  • Higher expansive value
  • Fast setting and rapid hardening
  • High and early strength
  • No loss of strength in time
  • Efficient sulphate resistance
  • Excellent freeze or thaw performance


  • Rapid repair mortars
  • Fast setting tile adhesives
  • Self-leveling mortars
  • Self-smoothing mortars
  • Non-shrinking grouts
  • Glass fibre reinforced concrete (G.R.C.)