Pure Flash Calcined Alumina Cement Accelerator
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Product Description

AFX-100® is a pure flash calcined alumina (FCA), uased as a set accelerator in Portland-based cement applications.
At the relatively low dosages between 3,5 and 5% depending on the formulation and desired effect, setting times
can be reduced from several hours to several minutes.

Contrary to the alternative AFX-50®, AFX-100® is purely aimed at the acceleration of setting times and will have little
to no impact on other characteristics of the product.

AFX-100® can be applied at very low dosages, making it a lot easier to apply in existing formations than other alternatives
such as special cements, which will often require a much higher dosage and the addition of other additives such as retarders.

Main features;

  • Highly reactive
  • Significantly accelerated setting times
  • Low dosages (<5%)
  • Easily applied in formulations